10 Week Progress Update for PGP Clean Room

This Valentine’s Day I’m giving everyone the gift of GIFs! Because who wants to stare at a bunch of code? Or read words?! I’ll make this short and snappy since I’m sure you’re looking forward to a romantic night with your terminal.

A script called create-raid already exists in the main repository so I decided to add an activity for that in the main menu.

Here’s what the default activity for creating the master and subkeys will look like:

This activity should make key generation faster and more convenient for the user. The dialog allows the user to enter additional UIDs at the same time as she initially creates the keys (there’s another activity for adding UIDs later). The dialog won’t ask for a comment in the UID, just name and email.

The input boxes come with some defaults that were outlined in the wiki for this project, such as rsa4096 for the master and 1y for the expiry. However the user can still enter her own values for fields like algo and expiry. The user won’t customize usage here, though. There should be separate activities for creating a custom primary and custom subkeys. Here, the user creates a master key [SC], an encryption key [E], and optionally an additional signing [SC], encryption [E], and authentication key [A].

The last three weeks of the internship will consist of implementing more of the frontend dialogs for the activities in the main menu, validating user input, and testing.

Thanks for reading <3

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